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Categoria: "Heart"

The big dipper

Dicembre 8th, 2014
THE BIG DIPPER TESTO DELLA CANZONE: When there's no light i can follow I look at the sky, i look at the big dipper Have you got a place? A tiny little one would Do.. . For when i can't walk And i cannot make it on my own Cause i have so much… continua »

Your manifesto

Dicembre 8th, 2014
YOUR MANIFESTO TESTO DELLA CANZONE: You think i can't see you Think i can't hear You think i won't know How you wanna lead How you only want control You are a clown you like to frown Wearing your crown And pulling me down Is making you feel… continua »

Mad world

Dicembre 8th, 2014
MAD WORLD TESTO DELLA CANZONE: All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are fillin' up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my… continua »

This knot

Dicembre 8th, 2014
THIS KNOT TESTO DELLA CANZONE: will search and i'll search for a way to make it all so beautiful i'm no longer afraid oh i'm no longer afraid oh... i will search and i'll search night and day to make it all so beautiful i'm no longer afraid oh… continua »

And all I need

Dicembre 8th, 2014
AND ALL I NEED TESTO DELLA CANZONE: It's juts a thought but I'm feeling a little lost here It's just a cold but... I feel kind of down God knows the things I'd do for you And all I need is to go back to the start Just erase our time apart 'n… continua »