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And all I need

Dicembre 8th, 2014
AND ALL I NEED TESTO DELLA CANZONE: It's juts a thought but I'm feeling a little lost here It's just a cold but... I feel kind of down God knows the things I'd do for you And all I need is to go back to the start Just erase our time apart 'n… continua »


Dicembre 8th, 2014
VORTEXES TESTO DELLA CANZONE: 'm all wired up... I'm in heaven and I... Can't say what it is I got caught up... I'm in wave but just like a fish I'm playing astonished... Awakened... As if life was new to me like a fire relit at last on the… continua »

IVY - 2010

Dicembre 8th, 2014
IVY - 2010 IVY, il settimo album in studio di Elisa, viene pubblicato il 30 novembre 2010 in Italia ed in digitale. Già il titolo stesso conduce al significato più profondo del lavoro. "Ivy" significa "edera" e come l'edera che non ha fiori ma è… continua »


Dicembre 8th, 2014
FORGIVENESS TESTO DELLA CANZONE: I'm lost and scared to live this life I thought i'd always be strong This rage this dark side i don't want to see Lays there... Lays there lays there There on the bottom inside Looking lost like a child But i… continua »

I never came

Dicembre 8th, 2014
I NEVER CAME TESTO DELLA CANZONE: When you say it's dead and gone I know you're wrong Cut and slash, sharpest knife It won't die, no Poison cup, drank it up It won't die, no No fire, no gun, no rope, no stone It won't die, oh Why you gotta… continua »